Nintendo Increases Switch Production To 2 Million A Month

The Switch’s surprisingly huge success has been the turning point for the giant gaming company Nintendo. Ever since the drought that seemed to have plagued the company’s console line with the Wii U, Nintendo has been lucky to catch a break with the Switch. 

However, Nintendo’s triumph with the Switch brought a surge in demand that it is having a difficult time catching up. It is no secret that Nintendo has a reputation in the past with meeting supply and demand. This time however, Nintendo seemed to be stepping up its game as reports are circulating everywhere that the company is increasing their production of the hybrid console to a giant two million units a month. 

The increase in production is to meet Nintendo’s target production of reaching 20 million units before 2017 ends and also to keep up with the high demand for the console in Asia. However, even with the increase in production, Nintendo Switch is still scarce in its home country of Japan and won’t be available in Taiwan until December. Nintendo is also eyeing on releasing the Switch to China by 2018.

As far as the west is concerned, hopefully there will be enough stocks available in stores when the holidays come in a couple of months. It would be a bummer if some of our wish list this Christmas won’t be fulfilled due to lack of supply. 

Yesterday, we reported here how Nintendo’s stock is the highest it’s been in the past decade. A graph showed that the last time Nintendo’s stock was at it’s highest was way back in 2008. Most probably during the glory days of Wii, which I can easily believe as almost everyone had the console, including the Queen of England with her special gold plated Wii or so they say. Nevertheless, 2017 has been a good year for Nintendo, the surge in demand for the Switch may be a challenge for the game company, but hey, that is a problem any business would be willing to take any day.