OVERWATCH Coming to Consoles — Not Free-to-Play

GameInformer posted today that their parent company, GameStop, has been given the go ahead to start telling customers about the console versions of Blizzard's next big game, Overwatch. There was a lot of speculation about whether or not the new shooter will be a PC exclusive, like most games similar to it. However, it seems that PS4 and Xbox One gamers will also have access to one of next year's hottest eSports titles!

In the release they were also given a placeholder release date and retail price. The game will be sold at the average $59.99 retail price of most new titles, debunking any free-to-play rumors that were circulating about Overwatch. It also was given a December 31st, 2016 release date, which is how most studios show that they plan to release a game sometime in that year. However, Blizzard isn't normally a company to shy away from release date delays. They have a standard that most companies don't, and are not afraid to push back a game to meet that standard.

Source: GameInformer

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