Pikachu Name Changes Sparks Protest In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is unhappy they will have to re-learn the names of their Pokemon. This info comes from a Kotaku report, which says that traditionally, Hong Kong residents were able to play the game in their common language of Cantonese. Now, Nintendo has made the decision to nix the various linguistic differences in that area of Asia and will be releasing a version for Simplified and Traditional Chinese in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Obviously, this makes the community of Hong Kong upset. For starters, the countries have a long history of battling each other over things such as this. While it's Nintendo making the call, many Hong Kong believe that it's a move by the Chinese to make Hong Kong children forget their heritage in trying to "white-out" Cantonese.

It also changes the name's of all characters they've grown to love over several generations. For example, Pikachu is now pronounced “Pei-kaa-jau” and not “Bei-kaa-chyu" as the fans have known it for a couple decades.

I can see their frustration. I would be upset if I had to re-learn all the Pokemon names in German. More likely than not, I'd probably just ignore the change as best I can. Right now a Facebook group with about 2,500 fans asking for the producers to release a Cantonese version of the game is online. For Pokemon, that's a drop in the pot, but I do hope they do right by the people of Hong Kong!