Back in October we got some great Back to the Future II toys to play with in Psyonix's sci-fi sports game, Rocket League. Well now we get another little packet of goodies, and this time their totally free! Psyonix and Valve have teamed up to bring us a bunch of Portal and Portal 2 themed goodies to Rocket League, and all you need to do to unlock them is play. So keep your wallet in your pants, purse, or magic satchel!

Included items:
Cake (Topper) 
Conversion Gel (Rocket Trail) 
Propulsion Gel (Rocket Trail) 
Repulsion Gel (Rocket Trail) 
Aperture Laboratories (Antenna) 
Cake Sticker (Antenna) 
Companion Cube (Antenna) 
Personality Core (Antenna) 
PotatOS (Antenna)

The Rocket League Portal DLC pack is available on PS4 and PC starting December 1st

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