ICYMI: Pubg On PS4 Is Just As Problematic As It Was On Xbox One

Playerunknown’s Battleground finally released on the PlayStation 4 a few days ago and unfortunately it brought no improvements with it. In the newest analysis by our friends over at Digital Foundry, it turns out the PS4 iteration of the once unstoppable battle royale game still suffers all the technical hiccups that Xbox players are all to familiar with. Frame drops under heavy loading sections, weird texture issues and pop in are all here. To add to the disappointment the base PS4 doesn’t see any improvements to texture quality despite having always been more capable in the GPU department over the base Xbox One.

I was hoping that when Pubg finally made its way over to the PS4 we would hopefully see another round of performance improvements. This is sadly not the case with the game launching in the same state as the Xbox One version. Now this isn’t to say that we may never get any additional performance boosts in the future, but the longer Pubg under performs compared to the competition the more players will avoid it. It is honestly a real shame since the game can still be a joy to play with a squad of friends.

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