ICYMI: Super Mario Galaxy And Metroid Other M Could Be Switch Bound!


That’s right everyone, another pair of Nintendo Wii games has potentially been revealed to be Switch bound! A recent trademark listing in Japan has revealed that Nintendo has setup new trademarks for Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Other M. Super Mario Galaxy was one of the Wii’s most popular titles back upon its original release in 2007. Super Mario Galaxy, among other GameCube and Wii titles, has also seen a recent emulated re-release on the Nvidia Shield TV system in China. Due to the extreme similarities in the hardware of the Nvidia Shield TV and the Nintendo Switch seeing such a release on the Switch is entirely within the realms of possibility!

Metroid Other M is an interesting choice for re-release to me however. The Team Ninja developed entry in the Metroid franchise was met with an extremely mixed reception back in 2010. While gameplay and the series signature exploration was present, many found the portrayal of Samus and other voice and cutscenes in the game to completely miss the mark. Perhaps a re-release on the Switch could give the game a new lease on life by allowing a different player base a chance to experience the game.

“Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for a Metroid Other M/Super Mario Galaxy trademark in Japan for purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and 'program for smartphone’.”

-Translation courtesy of Japanese Nintendo

These new trademarks aren’t the first time Wii games have been teased to be Switch bound. Last month it was also teased the Metroid Prime Trilogy and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword could be making their way to the hybrid console. Unfortunately, the Skyward Sword rumor was quickly denied by Nintendo themselves. It is also interesting to note that the trademark has listed smart phones as a possible place of re-release. While a smart phone wouldn’t be my first choice to play motion controlled Wii games on, you can’t deny the user base Nintendo would be opening themselves up to with such a move!

How interested would you all be for a Switch or Phone release of Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Other M? Leave a comment below!