Hyper X Cloud Revolvers

With the rise in esports and gaming worldwide, gamers are demanding more and more in their accessories. Whether it be gaming long hours, listening to music, or isolating outside noise, headphones are critical for pros and amateurs alike. Hyper X is no stranger to these challenges and set the gold standard when they first introduced their Hyper X Cloud line.  Of course, when you set that high of a bar, it makes things difficult to follow up, but here we are with the Hyper X Cloud Revolvers.

Specs and Features

The Revolvers has some nice upgrades from its predecessors. A self-adjusting headband allows it to fit on a multitude of gamers, and the metal frame gives the headset a nice sturdy feel.  The headset also comes with a removable microphone for gamers who prefer to use their own dedicated mic or if you feel like using them just as a pair of regular headphones. Lastly the headphones have memory foam pads to get maximum comfort for long gaming or listening sessions.

What I like

After owning multiple headsets I can easily see why Hyper X has the reputation they have.  The Revolvers are easily the most comfortable headset I have ever worn.  I literally wore these at my job all day, only to take it back home after work and spend an additional 3-4 hours gaming with no discomfort or fatigue. The steel frame gives it a nice durable feel but it's designed to stay feeling light, it's also made me feel less paranoid if I accidentally drop them as I've broken another pair of headsets due to a non-metal construction. The removable microphone was a big plus from the old Clouds because I didn't have to awkwardly tuck the mic away. The sound was very crisp and vibrant and I have now kept them as my current music headphones as well that I keep in my backpack. 

What I didn't like

Overall the sound and comfort of Revolvers really shown, but I noticed the microphone had inconsistencies. As I mentioned before I used the headset all day at work, and I had a few co-workers said that I sounded a bit quieter than usual, while others said my voice sounded significantly clearer.  I had to fidget a little bit with my mic gain on OBS to make sure it didn't pick up my heavy breathing, but overall the inconsistency in the mic was the only thing I truly had a complaint about. 


The Hyper X Cloud Revolvers are a worthy successor to the Hyper X Cloud and Cloud II's. I have multiple headphones for work, home, and travel, and the Revolvers is firing shots at them all because at this point it's made me hate using anything but the Revolvers. The metal construction makes you feel confident as hell that this headset can be takenon the road, to LAN's or just using it for heavy gaming without worry that it might fall apart.  The memory foam pads makes the Revolver feel like my head is being wrapped by a personal ear pillow. If you're looking to upgrade your headset to something that can be used as an all around jack-of-all-trades headset, I would say look no further.  You can snag yourself a pair online for $119.99

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