Last Line Of Wii-U's To Be Produced This Friday

Numerous websites are reporting that the last batch of Wii-U's will roll out of production this Friday. Pick your source on this one, it sounds like everyone is in agreement about everything except who was first to break the news. I'll choose to go with Emily Rogers, who has a pretty good track record with Nintendo leaks...

I always wonder who the final line of consoles are made for this late in the game, especially with the Wii-U. If I remember right, the Wii continued to sell well into the lifetime of Wii-U, so the numbers must really be at the bottom of the barrel for Nintendo to stop making them four months prior to the launch of the Nintendo Switch. 

That said the only real announcement for the console from now until the Nintendo Switch launch is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will also be available on the Switch. I'd be curious to do a head many readers still have their Wii-U? I have mine!