Sony Announces Partnership With ESL, First Online Tournament This Weekend

On the heels of Microsoft announcing their own online tournaments, Sony has partnered with ESL to bring online tournaments to the PS4. The first "PlayStation Tournament" will begin October 27th and will continue until November 26th. The tournament will feature players competing in NBA 2K17. Players who wish to register for the event will need a PlayStation Plus membership and their account linked to ESL. If you do not have an ESL account, you will be prompted to register for one when you sign up to compete. 

Winners of the tournament will be awarded swag and a DualShock controller. As of now, the tournaments will only support 1 on 1 matches, but it's likely that will change as the new feature progresses. 

What's your take on this? Personally, I think ESL is a bit elitist in their tournament selection, so I'm wary that this will start as a "for everyone" deal and then just turn into another outlet for ESL to showcase a small group of people. We already see that on Twitch and the major eSports competitions. Give us an opportunity to keep openly competing and let some variety in! Sometimes the great teams will fall in flukes, but that makes it more exciting.