Here's Your First Look At The Nintendo "Switch"

It's HERE! I can't talk right now but I'll update with all the details as soon as I'm done watching...

Update: I expected a lot of things, but I did not expect a removable controller that could be connected to a tablet! As it was rumored earlier the console looks to be playable on the go. I'm literally writing this as I see it. Games look to be loaded via SD cards, I assume? HOLY SHIT IS THAT SKYRIM RUNNING ON NINTENDO?!

It looks as though progress made on the tablet will be transferred to the console when you return to your television. That's not a revolutionary feature but good to know Nintendo is including it. I still can't get over Bethesda working with Nintendo!

Now we have some footage of Mario Kart 8 so I'm guessing that means backwards compatibility with Wii U? That's good news for those who decided to skip the console for sure. I'm not sure how that works though since it doesn't take discs. Just so you're keeping track we've seen 4 different types of controllers for this console so far. 

Now we have a group of guys playing each other in NBA NK17. Looks as though you can compete locally although it looks like there's nothing connecting the two consoles!

NEW MARIO GAME?! Is he in Mexico? What's that about? 

Now the small controller makes sense. It looks like each side of the Switch controller can be used as a stand alone controller for certain games! That's pretty awesome. Check out the trailer and read on below...

Looks like Nintendo will finally have 3rd party support judging from this picture of "partners" from the Japanese site!

A lot of big names on there from people who haven't worked with Nintendo ever...or in a long time. Here's a detailed picture breakdown of the console... I'm catching my breath here the news seems to be slowing down! Let's dive more into the console. The biggest thing to talk about here has to be the controller. Once again Nintendo has changed the game with another innovation. Our staff has our reservations about the Joy-Con (L) and (R) setup, but it's cool to know one controller can serve two people! That saves a lot of money right off the bat! One thing we didn't see is two people using any of the other set of controllers other than the split joy con setup. I'm guessing that means only one controller per Switch...which isn't terrible.