Sony Announcing Several New Games Monday Morning


Paris Games Week isn't really one of the premiere gaming events of the year, but Sony is treating it as such. The company has plans to provide updates on 22 PS4 and PSVR titles, as well as announce seven new games. 

Fans wanting to jump in and see what the buzz is all about can tune in to Sony's live stream beginning at  12 p.m. ET. Those who want to skip the updates on games we already know about and get right to the new stuff should tune in at 1 p.m. ET. 

As for what we can expect I'm assuming we'll see more of Spider-Man and Monster Hunter World, and possibly Fallout VR? As far as the game announcements are concerned I'm expecting maybe two or three titles to be excited about, with maybe some somewhat interesting PSVR games getting tossed in there as well. 

What do you think Sony has in store for this event?