Take Two Interactive Not Interesting In "Milking" Franchises President Says

Karl Slatoff was very candid when asked why his company Take Two Interactive doesn't do yearly releases of their titles...

"It's tempting to have continuous releases and milk a franchise as far as you can, [but] we've seen that fatigue in other franchises in the games industry. With almost every single franchise for us, the latest release is bigger than the one before."

Gamespot says the president of the company that made Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption admits the allure is high when it comes to making investors happy, but the move is not worth the fatigue the franchise experiences when fans get too much of what they want...

"The market asks us, 'Why don't you annualise your titles?' We think with the non-sports titles, we are better served to create anticipation and demand. On the one hand to rest the title and on the other hand to have the highest quality in the market, which takes time. You can't do that annually."

I'm glad we have someone in the industry really speaking out on this issue! I would much rather wait a couple years between games for content and quality the level of Grand Theft Auto V as opposed to the constant string of Assassins Creed games we got for the past 5 years. Then again...I think we've waited more than enough for a follow up to Red Dead Redemption. What gives Take Two?!

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