THE SINKING CITY Release Gets Delayed For Simple Reasons

Hearing that a game is being delayed isn’t exactly shocking news these days, but usually the reasons come of as complicated or technical issues. This time, the developers over at BIGBEN and Frogwares have shared a video explaining the simple reason why The Sinking City has been delayed to its new release date.

Personally, I never get too upset with a game being delayed as long as the final product is the best form it can be. Of course I can understand a few bugs here and there, but as long as the delay means that the game will be optimized and improved in quality and content, I don’t really see the problem. This being one of the exact reasons given for the delay, I am only more excited for when it is finally released.

The fact that they are aiming for launching at simply a “less crowded” time is a new one to hear though. It isn’t often that the reason is so bluntly because they want to. At least they stated this reasoning to be so that players can feel better about getting it without the worry of a bunch of new games all at once. However, it will be immediately following E3, so I still hope to see some form of a launch trailer to be featured during the event.

So, now we can expect to see The Sinking City launching on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 27, 2019. How do you feel about this sudden delay?