There Is A Glitch To Break The Jump-Rope Challenge Leaderboard In SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY

A simple glitch was discovered in the jump rope challenge in Super Mario Odyssey which gave some players an insanely high score. 

Among the many fun mini-games available in the game, a lot of players, especially the competitive ones, found the jump rope challenge the most addicting. The mini-game challenges the player to complete a certain amount of jumps without hitting the rope. The challenge is required to obtain some of the power moons and a leaderboard keeps track of the score. 

Recently, the leaderboard revealed ridiculous numbers with multiple players tied at the first place with a score of 99,999. This score is not a result of skill but with a cheat that can make Mario attain that high score. 

The cheat comes in the form of a glitch called “talkatoo glitch”. This can be done by hitting and speaking to a hint giving bird at the same time. Afterwards, you need to quickly take the view off the talkatoo bird, and once you look at it again, the camera will freeze. Once you walk to the jump rope challenge, you simply have to do a ground pound and Mario will float in the air. Simply put your Switch down for a few hours and once you come back, you’ll definitely have an insanely impossible to achieve high score.

Doing the glitch is probably not worth it because it is a bit complicated to do, and it’s always better to just do the challenge and earn the power moons without cheating. But if being on top of the leaderboard is important to you, it might be worth the look. 

Source: Kotaku

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