This LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Jinx Cosplay Is Amazing And Unsettling All At Once

If you're gonna cosplay Jinx from League of Legends, you gotta embody the crazy! Judging from the level of discomfort I get looking at the facial expressions Pinipy Cosplay is giving in this small gallery, I'm gonna go ahead and say she nailed it. She's got the whole psycho ex-vibe going, and let's not forget she has that unbelievably dope replica of Fishbone's Gun!

Truly great work, and honestly the best Jinx I've seen in quite a while! Check her out on Facebook and make sure to give her various photographers some love as well! For those of you here for cosplay and don't know nothin about no LoL, you can see the character that inspired this below...

Photographers: Edmund Bleakley Media, Kristin Garmeister, Leo Li