WTF JAPAN — This Week in Crazy Japanese Games *Slightly NSFW*


Yeah, that image above about sums this game up. You know, I've seen incredibly weird Japanese TV shows and I even went through a very strong anime period of my life. Now, I just marvel at some of the material that arrives on Western Shores. For our first little outing and among the endless innuendo and boob jokes, you actually do get to fight huge waves of enemies a la SAMURAI WARRIORS in SENRAN and alas, parts of clothes actually do come off during combat. I don't know if this is actually a game or more of a twisted perv simulator. The graphics are absolutely stellar and thee.. eh hem... animations, are quite detailed. I had to quickly move onto the next title before I felt any more creepy just looking at the menu options. There is actual gameplay under a sickening sweet layer of perv but tread carefully. You have all been warned. *wink* Want to see even more insanity? Check out the definitely NSFW trailer...

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition (PS4)

Oh phew, I can catch my breath here and play something semi norma... wait a minute! WTF is this game?! After a very long and incredibly strange intro, you do actually start this incredibly strange RPG that felt very much like the DISGAEA series, probably because both games stemmed from the Nippon Icchi team. As you can see from the dialogue above, and a which, a pile of acid, and some weird looking creatures, this game has oodles of Japan. While not creepy like the first title on the list, there is some serious funkiness going on here in a game with too many tutorials but at least it's more of a game.. Graphics are quite nice in this enhanced version of the game and if you want solid RPG elements with a big helping of WTF, you should dive in ASAP.

Samurai Warriors 4 Empires

"Oh hey, I've gotta go fight 1 billion enemies on horseback, can you grab my fanned top hat, mini skirt, and boots?" In our least freaky title of the week, there is still plenty of WTF to go around when one moment you are fighting some huge dude in a dark, dank battleground then all of a sudden you unleash a special attack and you turn into a dancing disco hottie with microphone and lips whacking the shiz out of your enemies. Yep, this is the same gameplay you've been playing for years in the series but this time you actually get to *PLOT TWIST INCOMING*, take over empires! It's really the same game with just a big RISK-esque map thrown in for good measure. I love pummeling enemies as much as the next dude but, can we get some new stages or gameplay please? If you are looking to get carpal tunnel pummeling baddies, by all means, do it.