ZELDA Producers Unsure Of Where BREATH OF THE WILD Fits In The Nintendo Timeline


If you have some theories regarding where The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild fits within the official Zelda timeline, your guess might be better than the game's actual producers. In fact, legendary Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma states that when a new Zelda game is in development they almost NEVER discuss where the game will fit into the timeline.

That's not especially surprising given the timeline for Zelda is extremely convoluted, but it does serve as a buzz kill for those who were curious as to where this game stands in the Zelda timeline. Many popular theories regard BOTW as the most recent game in the timeline, although I personally think this game is pre Windwaker and that eventually the world will flood and all those mountain tops will become islands.

The best part about either theory is that neither one is right or wrong at the moment, and that's a freeing feeling knowing no one is trying to force a timeline that doesn't actually make a ton of sense to begin with.

Conversely, Eiji Aonuma could be just playing coy because Skyward Sword doesn't just accidentally become the prequel to the original Legend Of Zelda without some major planning in the story. Do you really think Nintendo ignores the Zelda timeline, or is Aonuma just keeping a secret regarding Breath Of The Wild from fans?

Source: Destructoid