ASTELLIA Is Launching This September And Now Has Gender Unlocked Classes!

The newest fantasy MMORPG Astellia has finally been given a release date for September 27! The game has undergone a few beta weekends to prepare for launch and the team behind the game has been keen on listening to player feedback to provide an awesome day 1 experience. Some of the newest features that have made it into Astellia for launch include the following.

Colosseum Modes for solo play;

Guild size limits increased;

Cross class mounts;

A Revamped UI

And yes, Female Assassins and Warriors on day one!

That’s right, you can now make a female Warrior or Assassin which were both originally gender locked to male only for the beta’s. A number of in-game events are also planned with active participation by game GM’s to allow for further community interaction. Further holiday events are also planned. Check out the gameplay of the new gender unlocked classes below.

Astellia is available now for pre-order on the official site here. There are various tiers of the game available with each offering their own exclusive rewards and early game time unlocks, up to 7 days for the $99 version.

Do you plan to play Astellia?