Old Pokemon Get New Forms In Latest POKEMON SUN And MOON Trailer


The latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has a LOT of information jammed into it. You'd think the announcement of new Pokemon would be the headline, but honestly, that's the least interesting thing you'll see in this video! Classic Pokemon like Exeggutor are getting their final forms changed and others like Vulpix and Sandshrew are getting entirely new types! That ice Vulpix (seen above) is going to be a fan favorite for sure!

Some of the other things you'll see in the trailer include...

  • Oricorio, a bird Pokemon with four different types you can catch.
  • Minior, basically looks like a Koffing with rocks on it...then when the rocks fall off it has a gooey bright center.
  • Yungoos evolves into the majestic looking Gumshoos.
  • Fomantis evolves into Lumantis and essentially looks like a female Scyther.
  • Mudsdale's original form is a small donkey Pokemon called Mudbray.
  • In addition to the traditional "be the best" storyline, players will take on powerful Totem Pokemon on each island. Players can also perform "Z-Moves" which give Pokemon secret super awesome attacks.