Killer Looking Sci-Fi Sandbox Game PLANET NOMADS Seeks Crowdfunding

As the winner of Indiedb’s Indie of The Year 2015, Planet Nomads looks to be a Kickstarter project worth supporting, and as of this writing, there is a week left on the campaign.

Craneballs seems to understand the importance of giving you plenty to do, keeping things interesting within a big, open sandbox game. When destructible environments are a factor in an open world game, it can add a whole new aspect to how you go about your objectives. There’s also a notable focus on crafting ships and vehicles by using what you can salvage in the wreckage of other ships and what’s scattered throughout the open world.

With procedurally generated environments, the landscape is designed to take into account the atmosphere and climate unique to the planet that you’re exploring. These characteristics will also determine what kinds of creatures you will stumble into along the way. You also get to build bases and design their security systems. The ultimate goal is to have built a base with enough salvaged resources for you to take flight and leave each planet.

As Craneballs has released 13 mobile games in their history, this is a new step in the direction of a full-fledged gaming experience for PC, Mac, and Linux. From the concepts and creative process they speak of in the Kickstarter video to seeing how their progress has come along so far, this has a lot of promise to deliver an engaging open world sci fi experience if it reaches funding.

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