Taki Joins The SOUL CALIBER VI Character Roster

The roster for the next game in the Soul series continues to grow with yet another character getting their own announcement trailer! It seems like every character will be getting their arrival announced in a character reveal trailer as the latest addition has been revealed in the same fashion as Kilik, Nightmare, and others.

The newest addition to the Soul Caliber VI roster is Taki, a returning fighter that was replaced by Natsu in the fifth installment of the Soul series. This duel dagger wielder seems to have learned some new moves during her time away from the fighting arena. Check out her reveal trailer:

Her skill set is sure to bring a challenging fight from both the AI and practiced player side of gameplay, but I stand by my previous prediction that I'll end up with my favorite choice fighter, Kilik. Have to say that Taki just might be a good second choice for me, as that character always ends up being a different preference for me in each of the Soul Caliber games.

I'm still looking forward to seeing what characters they will include and create for the full roster, especially after including Geralt from The Witcher, but I am excited for game launch with the small roster that has already been official announced. Are you excited about Taki being added or are you still waiting on a specific character to be announced?