There's A Chinese Mobile Clone Of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS In Development, And It Doesn't Look Half Bad


Battle Royale style games are the new MOBA, and as such, lots of gaming companies are cloning PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in an attempt to take a swipe at the top dog's massive profits. While PUBG seems all to focused on Fortnite as of late, a well known Chinese company Tencent has announced their own PUBG clone by the name of Glorious Mission. In creating this game, Tencent hopes to climb atop the mobile gaming charts in China, and possibly the world.

If the game is as smooth as this trailer makes it seem, they might just do it: 

That's pretty solid gameplay for a mobile game that claims it will boast 100 man battles! It's worth noting that Tencent owns a fair chunk of Epic Games who is currently getting threatened with legal action for their Battle Royale mode they included in Fortnite. Weird coincidence, right?

No release date has been announced for the game as of yet, and even when it does get a release there is no guarantee this project makes its way to a Western audience. I'm personally hoping it does as I'd like to see how such an ambitious project can possibly perform on a mobile platform. What about you?

Source: Gamespot