These Nintendo Switch Retro-Inspired Wireless Controllers Are A Must-Have


While Nintendo is launching their own versions of updated ways to play the Switch with their Labo options, another company is providing the controllers that majority gamers would appreciate for the convenience and nostalgia reasoning. 8Bitdo is creating retro-inspired wireless controllers that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Now available on Funstock Retro is quite the list for you guys to check out. The top options I want to point out are the ones that I think would be the most interesting.

First up, the N30 Arcade Stick brings true arcade style gaming controls to your favorite modern day games. Programmable keys allow a customized set-up, while the unit is fully mod-able for those who want to take things further. The incredible 18 hour battery life that is rechargeable means that you can beat up your opponents without worry.

Second choice is the NES Style N30 controller. Not only is this controller styled to be exactly like the classic NES controller, with the added trigger buttons on top, that is rechargeable and able to be control majority of the Nintendo Switch's classic games - it is also compatible with the Classic NES as well!


My third, and top classic controller option, is the SF30 Pro Controller. Styled to be like the Super Nintendo controller and added analog sticks for modern gaming, this controller gives the feel of playing the games from your childhood while keeping up with the styles of today in order to play on the Nintendo Switch. With a rechargeable battery, this controller is the one I am most interested in myself.

The full list on the site covers a wide variety of controllers with multiple styles and options, but those are the top three choices for most gamers that grew up playing on the different Nintendo consoles. Which one do you find most interesting?