FALL GUYS: ULTIMATE KNOCKOUT The Best Party Game You All Need To Play!


Are you a fan of party games that usually evolve into falling on the floor in fits of laughter? If you answered yes to this question you need to check out Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! You know what even if you answered no you need to check out Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! Fall Guys is a hilarious party game where the goal is to be number 1! Matches begin with 100 participants and players are weeded out through a series of challenges. Check out the trailer below to get an idea of what I mean!

In my hands on E3 demo at the Devolver booth Our games consisted of 4 human players and roughly 60 bots. Our first challenge was to make our way through a series of brick walls to reach the finish line. Some of the walls allowed us to jump through while others would block the path. As the finish line drew closer the number of entry points decreased resulting in some epic bottlenecks!

For round 2 things were much different. The remaining players were separated into 2 groups one who had tails and those who didn’t. The goal of this round was to have a tail by the time a timer reached 0. There are various platforms and obstacles you could use to you advantage to keep a tail and seeing some of the characters getting flung around by a swinging arm was one of the funniest sights yet!


For the final round it was all about getting to the top of a mountain and grabbing a crown first! Numerous obstacles blocked the path on the way up including rotating gates and swinging arms which would send you flying. The biggest obstacle came from large boulders which would launch from the top of the mountain and smear anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. During my demo time I was able to win the crown once while coming in 3rd the next time but both were absurdly fun!

Fall Guys is expected to launch sometime in 2020 for PC and PS4 and will not be a free-to-play game. Longer matches, more games and online multiplayer will all be included at launch. I hope that the date ends up being sooner than later so I can share a good amount of laughs with my wife, kids and stream viewers!