THE SINKING CITY Launches Pre-Orders With A Commentary Gameplay Video

After announcing a short delay for The Sinking City, BIGBEN and Frogwares appear to be on track to successfully launch on the new date of June 27th on Epic Games, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The official chance to pre-order the game has been opened for those that have been looking forward to this Lovecraftian tale to finally release!

While we got a glimpse into the gameplay through a developer video a couple months back and learned a bit of the cryptic story through a cinematic trailer, but now we get to see a full mission played out with commentary from the developers. Here you can see just how much freedom they give the player and the fact that you will, indeed, be left to figure things out yourself. Then once you are there, putting the pieces together to understand what has happened and follow up on the facts. Not to mention the creatures you will come across and fight! Check it out:

This is likely to be the hardest version of being a true detective in a game so far. Without actual guidance icons on the map, learning the clues and listening to those you interrogate will be critical. Are you ready for the strangest detective game you will come across this year?